Cloud Technologies

Private Cloud

Songar's private cloud approach is a managed service. Basically we install, deploy, and manage your cloud environment as if public cloud, using the same proven software, team, and operational procedures.

As a private cloud solution, OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources along a data center, empowering developers and system administrators to provision IT services via a web interface or APIs. OpenStack automates all actions in a data center, exposing them through an open API. OpenStack basically implements software-defined computing, storage, and networking. It creates and provides more advanced infrastructure and platform services using these primitives.

Public Cloud

A public cloud service is any service offered to users on demand over the Internet from a cloud computing provider's such as AWS, Google, Azure, Digitalocean, Oracle rather than from a company's own in-house servers. Cloud service providers offer fully managed, scalable, easy accessable resources and services.

Cloud computing is a common term to define the related services, but the service sometimes creates confusion. "As a service" term is relevant to everything imaginable, it is better to check the meaning of all those "as a service" terms. They are all about the cloud deployment types and different types of cloud computing services.