DevOps is an efficient implementation methodology consisting of software developers and system engineers to develop highly efficient software. In this process, life cycle processes are expected to be well planned and suitable for implementation. Appropriate tools and methods are used to make the process more efficient.

We discuss with our customers to create an effective DevOps environment. IT automation provides convenience and flexibility to the technical team as well as to others. It brings many advantages such as business agility, cost analysis and control, time-advantageous and high-quality product experience, human error-free solutions, and high visibility.

Infrastructure as Code

IT automation is a value-added application that positively affects the performance of organizations. The widespread and effective use of automation within the organizations is very important for integrity. As a service provider, we encourage organizations to increase the speed of software teams and automate their coding processes. However, infrastructure and operations teams do not usually appear on the stage. Songar recommends applying the same approach to infrastructure environments, leveraging effective tools and platforms to help define these environments using code.

For effective time evaluation and rapid resolution, operation teams need to learn and practice manual system deployment, configuration and documentation with automation tools. Manual work has a cost, and its consistency and non-documentation of the work is a risk. Automation prevents the occurrence of human-based errors and reduces time-based costs. In addition, the transactions can be recorded. IT automation processes ensure compliance and consistency, provide documents that can be integrated for training, and additionally offer collaboration possibilities.